L.E.T.S. Instructors


We are a group of instructors responding to the needs of busy practitioners and students around the world who desire to complete the course of study for the specific level of Light Therapy Certification chosen. Our curriculum is non-brand-specific.

We offer online Light Therapy courses that prepare our students for various levels of certification in Light Therapy through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS).

Our online course is self-paced. It is available to both students interested in learning about Light Therapy for their own personal use, and those practitioners seeking certification in Light Therapy.



BANHS (Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences) certifies individuals, practitioners and instructors after they have acquired and maintained comprehensive education in the Field of Light Therapy. This designation provides the therapist, client and professional collaborators with the knowledge that the practitioner is well trained upholding BANHS standards within their industry.

Educational Light Therapy

Board Certification

Why Become Board Certified?

Board Certification provides a high level of professional credibility from a well respected board. In addition, the Certified Light Therapist has the awareness of and confidence that all legal requirements have been met.


Light Therapy Training

What Is Light Therapy Certification?

By following the steps in our Light Therapy Training program you may choose to become recognized as a Certified Light Therapist (CLT) and Certified Light Specialist (CLS) through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (BANHS). Once you have completed the program you will be qualified to share the potential applications and benefits of Light therapy and provide Light Therapy to others.

Become a CLT