Each of the LETS Instructors brings a deep commitment for helping humanity through natural and holistic methods. To that end, we teach what we have learned regarding the ability of the amazing human body to heal. We seek to unite the Science of Light Therapy and Understanding Energy into its place in the Field of Energy Medicine. We strive to be congruent with proper attitudes of understanding and respecting the teachings with joy.

We encourage you to join us!

Dr. Ginger Bowler
LETS Instructor

Dr. Ginger Bowler, ThD, PhD, CBI is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana who now lives and works in Colorado.

Marcie Denton
LETS Instructor

Marcie Denton is a Certified Light Therapist, a Low Level Light (LLLT) practitioner, science educator, researcher, and consultant.

Isabel Martinez
LETS Instructor

Isabel Martinez is a Certified Light Therapist (CLT) and Certified Light Therapist Instructor (CLTI).